Canoeing on the Thames

by Charles
(St.Marys, Ontario, Canada)

Hey, earlier today me and my fiancee rented a canoe at Wildwood Conservation Area.

We were canoeing down the river when we decided to paddle into a small alcove. We stayed there for a bit admiring the scenery when I saw a large bird fly from one tree onto another.

I thought... was that an Owl?

Luckily I saw what tree it landed on and saw some rustling so I knew it was still there.

We paddled over and sure enough, it was on a branch in the middle of a tree just into the woods. It sat on the branch staring a me for a bit.

I was excited so I was talking loudly trying to help Rebecca see it, but unfortunately she only saw it when it flew away. But I had a good 30 seconds to a minute of staring right at it.

I have never seen an Owl in the wild and was very excited.

I don't know what kind it was. All I know was it was very large and it did have "horns". My best guess from the pictures was a Great Horned Owl.

It was probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

We also saw a Heron and small long beaked bird that was interesting.

Wish I had a picture, but I didn't bring my phone just in case we tipped.

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