Burlington Coyote

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Coyote in Burlington

Coyote in Burlington

Burlington Coyote - Just saw a Coyote today January 22, 2012, at Appleby and Upper Middle, walking through the plaza (McDonald's) at 9:30am!! I couldn't believe it and followed it behind the plaza where there is a path. I managed to get two pictures, as did another man walking his dog.

Here is another report from one of our readers ... Recently I saw two Coyotes in Burlington near the houses in the Tyandaga neighborhood they were actually running around the parking lot of the variety store there. These houses do back on to ravines but is this common? These are walking grounds for the neighborhood dogs it was early to around 10:30 or so, I would hate for one of the dogs to get attacked. I just couldn't believe they were just in the neighborhood like it was no big deal!

Cameron Scholesfrom Burlington also wrote to us ... March 21, 2012, a Coyote was observed by our neighbour in a very residential area in downtown Burlington, near Brant and Fairview. The Coyote was scouting, hunting, doing what they do at dawn. Their first appearance in our immediate area is a major concern, as there are a number of folks in our neighbourhood - including myself - who have cats, that because of their breed (Norwegian Forest Cat), cannot solely reside indoors and need to be let out. And their "runnies time" coincides with the Coyote's; dawn and night.

Barbe also wrote from Burlington ... The first time we saw the Coyote was the afternoon on January 1st this year, he was strolling down the middle of our street. Since that day while walking our senior black Labrador, we always carry a heavy walking stick. Today, January 13th, again early afternoon he was strolling down the middle of our street. Neighbours began to call as we had been telling people with pets and small kids to be aware. Someone called the Humane Society and we saw the van go by with the Coyote trotting in front of it. Minutes ago two police cars came down the road the Coyote went up on the boulevard in front of our home. The police tried to box it in with their cars and it took off with them pulling 180's in hot pursuit !!! So much for co-existing.

Helena reported ... Yesterday at about 4 in the afternoon, while sitting on the back patio of Jake's Grill and Oyster House in Burlington, we were surprised to see a Coywolf walking through the Quality Inn parking (next to Walkers Line) toward the front of the restaurant. Since we were sitting on the back patio, we lost sight of it once it reached the front of the restaurant. We stayed for another half hour or so, but did not see the Coywolf again. There were no people in the parking lot at the time, as far as we could tell. The Coywolf was beautiful and appeared robust and healthy and it displayed no fear, aggression or confusion, and was walking quickly and purposefully. We were surprised to see it in broad daylight and so close to this very busy traffic area. We assumed that it might have come from the wooded area behind the Travel Lodge next to the Quality Inn. Wanting to know more about these animals, I found this Nature of Things doc on CBE: Meet the Coywolf. It's available here if anyone's interested. Link to Coywolf Documentary

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