Brantford - Mohawk Park in Echo Place

by Lori
(Brantford, Ontario, Canada )

Lori, one of our readers sent us this report - On January 16, 2011, at about 5:00 p.m., we spotted a Coyote leaving Mohawk Park. It left the park, onto the street we live on, in a residential area.

The Coyote eventually turned around and went back into the park, toward the bush.

Two days later, January 18, 2010, a Coyote was at the exact same location, in front of our home.

We are concerned, having a small (15 lb) dog, and will now not let our dog outside unattended.

Some of our neighbours with small dogs share the same concerns.

Do you have any advice? We are not afraid for our personal well-being, as this "guy" was obviously nervous when when we went outside, but do we have to live in fear for our beloved pets as long as we live there?

Thanks for your report - I am familiar with Mohawk Park in Brantford and I understand your concern for small children and animals.

One of our readers, Rick, posted a comment yesterday, in response to another posting, about his Coyote sighting - you can read it here

I'm no Coyote expert, but I think that taking the precaution of not allowing your dog outside alone, is a good idea, and if you are concerned, contact the Animal Control office in your area.

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by: Anonymous

I'd rather have Coyotes than rabid Frisbee Golfers.

It used to be a nice place for a walk until they took over!

Coyotes in Mohawk Park
by: Anonymous

My parents live across from Mohawk Park and also spotted the Coyote.

They also have a small dog and are concerned for it's safety and for the safety of the children playing on the playground.

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