We encroach on their territory



I have recently become aware that there are Coyotes living in the ravine across the street from me in Richmond Hill. I found out they've been there for many years (with no incidents), but I only heard them this morning (5am no less!).

My neighbours talked about wanting to kill them because they're a threat. Well .... why buy a house that backs on to a ravine if you don't want to see wildlife?

With all the development in York region, we have taken over land that belonged to these animals. We have changed the food chain and yet we get upset now that they prey on our pets (ps, keep them indoors).

FYI, Barn Owls also kill cats (and could kill small dogs) - I guess we should kill them too.

If people don't want to have any interactions with wild animals, they should buy a condo downtown. Or maybe learn to co-exist, since they have as much right to be there as you do.

Well said! We need to use caution when around any wild animals, but so many people miss the opportunity to observe the animals around them.

I also found a picture of a Coyote for this page.

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You sound like me
by: Anonymous

I total agree and wow, you actually sound like my twin.

I have a lot of Coyotes in my neighbourhood and I must say, I really don't like it.

I've lost 2 cats since I lived here, but I also respect and can understand that this is an unfortunate result of humans building their homes in the Coyotes home.

Live and let live
by: rick popp

Tonight Jan 18/2011 I again ran into our local Coyote. He lives in the forest across the street from my house.

My dog flushed him out & he cowered near the stream under a bridge. He made no threating moves, he did not growl, he was not the least bit aggressive, to me or my dog.

I think we need to be careful, but don't panic.

Please let them live & leave them alone !!!!!!!

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