Blenheim Coyote

by Joe Webster
(Blenheim, Ontario, Canada)

It was about 10:30 pm on June 7 2012, I was looking out the front porch when I observed this white dog, I thought, run past my home.

I opened the door thinking it was somebody's and whistled with no reaction from the animal. After watching him I noticed he wasn't a dog but actually a Coyote! It was strangely looking and I could hear his long nails as he galloped down the road.

I live on McGeorge Street in Blenheim and he was running down towards the high school, which turns into the country after, and there are many wooded areas out that way.

I posted it on Facebook and someone else noticed it up by Shoppers Drug Mart in town.

I never got a picture but I'm 100% sure after seeing the picture at the top of this page, of what I saw!!

Think maybe he was chasing the road runner!! LOL

Blenheim ON 1030 pm June 7th 2012.

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