Big bad coyote in caledon

by Nello cocchi
(Caledon, Ontario, Canada)

Was 11:00pm, went out to car when I was confronted by a Coyote. The animal was ten feet away staring and growling.

I did not run but went forward towards him being just as aggressive as him, he bolted.

This Coyote was not small, it had to be at least 50lbs.

I understand there's an abundance of food in the area so why the aggression. I

'm new to my house and the area so it will take a bit of getting use to.

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Educate yourself and stay safe
by: Leanna H

"Big bad coyotes" and "I have a bad vibe about them", are such dangerous and irresponsible comments. If you have coyotes in your area and you are concerned, then its your responsibility to find out more about them from a reputable source. I appreciate that we can have fear about the things we don't know, that's fine. But now you find out that living in a city or residential area doesn't stop you from coming in contact with wild life. So help yourself and help them by reading up and planning how to keep everyone safe and maybe then we will hear about fewer incidents, and have a new appreciation for the wild life around us.

Coyote Attack in Caledon East
by: Anonymous

My 15 lb dog was attacked by two coyotes at 8:15 on Tuesday Jan. 21st. She is currently at emerg. animal hospital in stable yet critical condition.
These coyotes were right in my back yard. I am seeing them more frequently and in broad daylight.
Beware of danger with small children and pets!!!

Watch Out!
by: Anonymous

These animals are becoming less shy all the time, I have some really bad vibes about them!

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