Better change your thinking!

by Chris Hanson
(Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Cambridge, Ontario, and I have been an outdoor person all my life. I am 50 years old and have lived here since I was 5 years of age.

I have been watching what has been on the news and reading what has been written about the Coyotes in this area and would like everyone to think carefully.

I have seen Coyotes in the school yard behind me, have seen them walking down the Jamieson Parkway in Hespeler, and have seen them walking right down the road I live on at night.

For most of my life I have been a hunter, and yes, I know what a Coyote looks like as well as coy-dogs (wild dogs).

I want everybody to know that these animals will hunt in packs
and have seen as many as eight out at the farm
where we keep our horses.

Matter of fact, the farmer has lost at least 6 cows to Coyotes in the last 2 years and these where healthy cows.

I had 3 Coyotes follow me out of the bush one day after a hike, and I have had to kill 3 separate Coyotes while Turkey hunting (2 on one day and one on another) both times these animals showed up while I was hunting and then showed great aggression upon seeing me, and I'm talking about 15 yards maximum distance from me and had to take action.

I have seen them everywhere including in town at all times of the day.

If you have small dogs do not take them for walks in the woods or on trails as this is like ringing the dinner bell.

Please be aware, be smart and be safe - these animals are smart, they are bigger now than they used to be and they do
move and hunt in packs as well as alone,
myself and my friends have seen them.

Thanks, Chris, for your words of warning to our readers, the Coyotes are out there and they are hungry, so please supervise your pets and small children!

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by: Anonymous

I think it comes down to common sense when dealing with wildlife. If you are going to hunt be prepared that you might come across them. I don't think it necessary to destroy them as you are on their turf hunting. Maybe they had pups nearby. We keep building and taking away their homes and food supply so what else would you like them to do, they have to survive too. If people buy homes where there once stood a forest they are most likely to have run-ins with all kinds of wildlife. I choose to share this land with them and always be alert as to what you can come across while out for a walk on a trail or just leaving your home.

by: J Meyer

They are not Coyotes they are Coy-wolves.

Back in the 1970s already the KW (Kitchener-Waterloo) Record did stories on what they, at that time, called brush-wolves.

by: Anonymous

Coyotes are having more pups every year, because farmer are throwing dead stock in the woods giving them an endless food supply.

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