Bald Eagle Sighting

by Louise
(Alvinston, Ontario, Canada)

September 28, 2011

While driving to Strathroy, Ontario, on Culvert Drive, I sighted a huge Bald Eagle swoop down and pick up a big chunk of roadkill and soar back up into the sky.

What an awesome sight!!

I had never seen one before, except in a zoo.

Thanks for your report of your Eagle sighting - I too have seen Bald's in the Strathroy / Komoka area recently.

Turkey Vultures are also fairly common in that area, and I see them all along the 402 corridor.

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Eagles in Strathroy
by: IK

I have not seen the birds here, but I know exactly where their nest is. I am going to follow-up this spring to see if they return to the nest.

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