Baby Robin

by J Thomas
(Cornwall, Ontario, Canada)

Feed Me!

Feed Me!

About a month ago I noticed a nest starting to be built above the light fixture by my patio doors. After a little while I noticed a Robin hanging around the area. Every time I came out the door she would fly away.

A few days ago I began to notice little beaks appear. The babies were fluffy and didn't have their eyes open yet. Mom and Dad feed them regularly with worms and caterpillars.

Their eyes have started to open now and I am hoping to get a glimpse of them taking their first flight soon.

Mom has become aggressive with me, as I am painting the deck and am getting too close to her nest. She swoops at me and squawks loudly.

Every night she sleeps in her nest and is oblivious to anyone being near her nest.

It has been such a great experience to watch nature right outside my door. My cat enjoys the view too, but is not happy as he is not allowed out at the moment - I need to protect those little birds.

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Watching baby Robns grow!
by: Wendy Jacobs Staranchuk

Great story! Great picture! I know what you mean about the mother swooping down at you.
We are going through the same thing right now, only Mama Robin is in an eavestrough just outside our back sliding door.

The other day I went to put something on the back porch & Mama & Papa dove at me.

I went right back in the house. I didn`t want to upset them. I took a peek out the window a couple of minutes later. One of them was sitting on a post...just daring me!

We sure don`t have to go far to see the babies, as you didn`t either. It`s a wonderful experience to be able to watch the babies every day.

We have had that opportunity before & we really miss then when they`re gone.

Really enjoyed your story!!!

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