Assorted Hawks

by Tom, Gloria, Laurent, Julia, Ted, Scott P, Lorraine
(Ottawa, Uxbridge, Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener, Sarnia, Toronto)

Tom in Ottawa says ... I observed two Turkey Vultures in downtown Ottawa March 24/14 around 5:30 pm. They were strutting around on an overhang of an adjoining building about 18 stories up.

Gloria from Uxbridge, Ontario, wrote to say ... Looking out of my window into the back tad, I spotted a large bird, that I think was a Kestrel or Hawk, eating a small animal in an evergreen tree behind my bungalow. It was ripping the animal apart and eating it.

Laurent from Burlington says ... Briefly, I saw what I think was a RTH on my fence 10 minutes ago Sunday February 3. One puzzling fact, his or her tail-end was white but the breast was all orange (rusty colour). I tried to take a pic but flew away chasing another bird. It was about 1 1/2 foot long and was walking on the fence rather clumsily. Any ideas?

A reader from Hamilton reported ... This summer we have heard the squalls of two hawks calling to each other and often flying with each other. My neighbour has indicated that there is a Red Tailed hawk nest nearby. Their cry can be described as two cries in quick succession. We live near Gage Park, so I am sure the squirrel population is of interest to them. We hear them as early as 8 am and often hear them all day long. Not certain what type of Red Tail hawk. I would be interested to hear from anyone who lives in the area.

Julia from Kitchener wrote to tell us ... I spotted a Coopers Hawk in my Kitchener backyard after breakfast sitting in a tree.

Ted from Sarnia says ... I saw a Northern Harrier high above Sarnia, white under wings, black tips, very big !

Scott P from Kitchener wrote to say ... The time was shortly after 6pm and a Kestrel came to rest on the peak of a house.

Lorraine from Toronto says ... A brown back, white chest, small head, yellow beak and yellow feet, medium size to large size hawk. Saw red underneath when flew away. location ledge of my balcony, Steeles and Yonge area of Toronto around 7 pm on March 13, 2014. Made loud shrilling sounds as looking at my cat on other side of window. Stayed only for short time on the ledge of balcony. Never saw it before.

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