Another deer killer down!

by Bill
(Grey County, Ontario)

I do what ever I can to eliminate this vermin from our farm and the whole area if I can.

City people just don't understand the problems and dangers these creatures cause.

I've shot 18 so far this year, and it hasn't even made a dent in the population.

I'm still finding pieces of Turkey carcasses in the fields. The Wild Turkey population is being decimated.

These vermin will wait patiently for a doe to birth it's fawn, then snatch almost before it hits the ground.

Sheep are another favourite meal, pretty soon it might be your child.

Now finally, with the repairing of the damage done by the Liberal's to the Canadian gun laws, more people will be getting back into hunting, and hunting this vermin again.

A bounty would certainly help.

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by: Hampshire Mills

Cheryl, Coyotes kill deer. On my 100 acres I found 4 attack sites. Looks like 10 or 12 Coyotes in a group. They also got my wife's dog when it went out for a Pee. They also attacked our Lab-Poodle mix, a 98 lb dog, was cut up but won. Ron

Suburban Joy Comes To The Wilderness
by: give us a break

It's easy to sit in the rec room and criticize the rural community for hating Coyotes and some of the warm fuzzy critters that live here.
If you open your door and see the Coyotes killing your sheep, 50 feet from your house, or the Racoons killing the chickens in the pen, you can`t help but to love them to pieces.
Contrary to what you see on Walt Disney, or gGentle Ben, the Coyotes run in packs and kill any thing they can, including Bambie, turkeys, sheep, or anything else their packs can get. Unfortunately, some of the same people (bless them ) who complain about brutality to wildlife, are the same people who throw their garbage, dirty diapers, bottles and trash, on the road in front of your house, as they leave the RURAL WILDERNESS ??? for home and the rec room.
PLEASE do some proper research and get with the program. have a nice day and I pray that your dog doesn't get eaten by Wiley Coyote or break his legs in a groundhog hole on your next visit to the farmlands of rural Ontario.
Thank you for your input, we welcome all opinion and points of view.

Deer Down?
by: Anonymous

Over population of Deer and Wild Turkeys seems to be the norm in our area. The welcome sight of Coyotes will help reduce the populations. Its nature at its finest. Nature goes way out of balance as soon as man enters the picture. Both city and country folk both know this.

Re: Don't believe
by: Michael

I witnessed a single Coyote going after deer at Mississauga Golf Course just last week. The deer seemed to be gathering together to fend the lone coyote off... they were all in very a big panic.

And... one of the staff found a (mostly eaten) deer carcass in the woods last year... a victim of the Coyotes (no other predotors in this suburban setting).

My Two Cents
by: Anonymous

You people who are against this persons comments about shooting yotes should do your homework.

"YES" they can bring down a deer. They are found in groups (usually a male and female with their offspring) and I have seen it happen before. If they are hungry enough they will take on anything to get a meal.

Come out and spend a week in the country, these things are not cute and fluffy animals. You try telling a farmer that just lost some of his livestock to these predators that he should not not have any right to shoot them. This is how they make their living and if any animal attacks a farmers livestock they have a right to shoot it. This goes for your pet dog that so many of you city people feel does not need to be tied up any more because you "are in the country now".

My two cents.

Don't believe it.
by: Cheryl

I don't believe it is the Coyotes doing the killing of the amount of deer they like to say they kill. Small animals, yes, but since they don't hunt in packs like the Wolves they couldn't possibly bring down a deer. They are small animal, and carrion eaters. They will even follow a Wolf pack around to eat the scraps when they can. I think it is just another excuse for the hunters to have another sport. I feed the Deer over the winter, where I live and have had up to 20 deer in the yard at one time. But they are saying the Deer population is down around here because of the Coyotes... I guess they need another excuse to go out and have a shooting party.

Another deer killer vs a Coyote killer
by: Anonymous

Good call ML. When their food is not plentiful enough, and after the natural cull has run it's course, the Coyotes and Wolves will move on.

There have been far more people injured and much more damage caused by the deer, than by the Coyotes.

But I guess if you think the way we do you wouldn't get your jollies by shooting animals.

Deer Kill People Not Coyotes
by: Mary Lynn

Every year thousands of Canadians are injured or killed by deer running in front of their cars. The deer population is out of control. That´s because trigger-happy hunters have killed most of their natural enemies - Wolves and Coyotes.

In the U.S. according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 1.5 million car accidents with deer each year that result in $1 billion in vehicle damage, about 150 human fatalities, and over 10,000 personal injuries.

A few months ago, two deer ran in front of our car causing $5,000 in damages. My neighbour rolled his pick-up last week trying to avoid a deer on the road and it is now a write-off. He was lucky to escape with his life. Three weeks ago another neighbour suffered head injuries when her SUV went out of control after hitting a deer.
And we live in a populated area!

There a countless deer here in the Niagara region, so I can only imagine how many more deer live in less populated areas.

The insurance costs alone here in Canada due to deer hitting cars are astronomical.

So, just remember, every time you pull the trigger and kill a Coyote or a Wolf you´re giving one more deer a chance to cause an accident and possibly the death of human beings.

As to coyotes attacking humans - there a far more accounts of male White-tailed Deer attacking humans during the rutting season - and they CAN kill a grown man with their razor sharp hooves.

And yes, Coyotes have been known to kill small dogs - but then, so can a large Raccoon.

I suggest hunters go out and shoot a deer during hunting season and enjoy some venison.


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