A Hawk or Falcon?

by Joanne
(East York, Ontario, Canada)

Just before dark today, I filled the bird feeder and there was quite a number of sparrows. All of a sudden they disappeared and I noticed it.

In my backyard there was a Hawk or Falcon. I have lived here for 25 years and never seen one in my backyard. I have two little dogs so I took them inside and got my camera, but the bird went into the cedar bushes and I took a picture, but it wasn't very clear.

I live in East York, and this is the first sighting I have seen. I am south of the Don Valley so I never expected to see one. I will continue to watch for it and see if I can take a better picture. It was amazing seeing this.

If you do get a photo, our readers would love to see it - just send it along to us and I will add it to your submission.

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Cooper's Hawk in our backyard
by: Anonymous

My family and I have seen, what we believe to have been, a Cooper's Hawk. It was in our backyard with a Pigeon in it's talons.

I noticed it standing (not more than 15 ft. from our patio door) perfecting still as it seemed to squeeze the life out of it's prey.

This took approximately 4 minutes, then he flew up into a very tall and old pine tree that is in our nieghbors backyard.

I have lived in the Danforth & Coxwell area of East York for 44 years and do not ever remember seeing a bird so big around here. It stood about as tall as to my knee (approx. 18").

Wow it was very exciting.

Cooper's Hawk
by: Anonymous

It's probably a Cooper's Hawk, we see them all of the time in Don Mills.

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