A Flying Squirrel

by Barbara (your webmistress)
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

The Victim

The Victim

Yesterday morning when I opened my front door to let my cats in, I saw that one of them had caught a small animal and left it on the porch for me.

When I got closer to inspect it, I expected it to be a mouse or vole, which is what they usually catch around the house and barn, but this animal was one I have never seen before, but I recognized it as a Flying Squirrel as it was smaller than our usual squirrels, had a paler under-belly and it had loose areas of furry skin between its front legs and its back legs.

I have lived in the St Thomas area for almost 40 years, and in this house for 25 years, and I have never seen a Flying Squirrel around here before - lots of the usual, common, black and grey ones, but never anything like this before.

My cats didn't even have the grace to look ashamed or remorseful for catching and killing such a sweet little animal.

I didn't know that we had Flying Squirrels in this part of southern Ontario!

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