Young Bald Eagle seen north of Russell

by Bill Walsh
(Russell, Ontario, Canada)

May 30th 2012 while on my way home from work I saw a large bird soar over a stand of trees that I was approaching on my motorcycle.

It appeared to land close to the ground just over a hill.

I wasn't sure how big it was so I slowed down considerably.

As I came over the hill I happened to look in the direction of a clearing through the trees and saw a young Bald Eagle just taking flight.

I got a real good look as it rose off the ground and seen the totally white head, neck and tail feathers.

What confused me at first was the very brownish colour of the feathers on its back and wings, until I did some research and realized it was a young bird.

I never knew they were in the Ottawa area till now.

Thanks for the information Bill, I'm glad to hear that Bald Eagles are in the Ottawa area too!

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