Yes I saw an Opossum and it scared me so much at first!

by Maria
(Northwest Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Sunday Feb. 19th, 2023, we live in between the 9th Line and Steeles area in the last Northwest corner of Mississauga, beside Milton and Georgetown.

I went out to retrieve something from our car, when I see this creature walking in the darkness very placidly, no rush, towards the side of our house. I have never seen one alive, but some just crushed on the road, sadly, so to see one alive, scared me so much at first, I did not expect this fellow to be around coming out of our small pollinator garden in front of the house, I jumped!!

He looked so calm, just walked under hubby's car to continue his way, and I did not try to follow it, left him in peace, that was an amazing sight!

He looked chubby and chill, with the distinguished white, grey and black colours around his body.

When I read online about their specie, it does not surprise me now, as we have the 16th Mile creek running in the back of our houses, with lots of habitat space, water, and food for them. I think they are amazing, maybe not the most beautiful specie on Earth, but so helpful for the ecosystems around us, and so resilient.

In my home country, Mexico, this specie is called Tlacuache, TLAH KOO AHH SH EEH, Buenos Dias! Good morning and Happy Family day, God speed to all! Feliz dia de la Familia, vayan con Dios, Amigos! =)

PS.-I am happy our choco mutty did not see him, as other visitors around like big racoons, coyotes, squirrels, drive him crazy, =) he is the guardian of our little patio that backs into the creek.

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