Work Permit or Immigration Visa?

by Muhammad
(Bradford, W Yorkshire)

I live in England and would like to move to Canada. What is the best way to be allowed to work in Canada?

A Work Permit allows an eligible visitor to reside and work in Canada for a limited period of time, and there are restrictions often placed on the type of employment which can be pursued. A Work Permit will not, by itself, lead to Canadian Permanent Resident status.

On the other hand, a Canada Immigration Visa entitles its holder to live and work anywhere in Canada, and to enjoy many of the privileges of Canadian Citizenship, including the right to apply to become a Canadian Citizen after 3 years of residence here, and the ability to then sponsor family members, for Canadian Permanent Resident status.

Here is a link to a site which has lots of useful information for those considering emigrating to Canada

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by: Jamie L

I was looking for information about immigration to Canada and found what I wanted on the link on your site. Thanks.

I hope to be able to live in Canada one day, I think it is still a country with opportunities for people who move there.

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