Wolves on the HVHTA

by Jerry Pincivero
(Bolton, Ontario)

I was walking my dog (a 10 month old German Shepherd) in Bolton on the Humber Vally Heritage Trail, when I came across what I believe were 2 Wolves.

I know Coyotes are common here but these looked bigger and more like a Husky than a Coyote. I was not far from town, as the trail is only a few minutes away from a subdivision. I spotted one just as I came to a bend in the river. He was just across in a small clearing.

I made lots on noise and tried to scare him away. My dog did not see him. The Wolf just stared at me for a few moments, then turned and walked into the woods.

I was frightened at this point. I continued on down the trail and kept my eyes glued in the direction where I saw him. I then spotted another one (or the same one) lying in the brush just on the other side of the clearing. I quickly moved on away from this location. I found a big stick and kept it with me the rest of the hike.

There are many deer in this area as my dog has chased 4 of them on a couple of occasions, but i was shocked to see what I did. I asked another hiker that I encountered on the way back through and she stated that wolves are common in that area.

I wish I had my camera with me. Sorry! It was the most beautiful and frightening moment I've ever had. I have been down that trail many times, but that was the first sighting. I do see many tracks along my route. Not sure what animals are making them though. HVHTA between downtown Bolton NW to Duffy's Lane.

Thank you so much for your submission, Jerry, this is a fascinating sighting!


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More info about sighting
by: Jerry Pincivero

The more people I speak with, the more confused I am about what they were. Most people tell me that they were just Coyotes, while a very small few think they could have been wolves.

Mika found the remains of a kill the other day. This was on a different section of the trail. It looked almost to be a raccoon. It was hard to tell as most of it was eaten away though. Just a head, legs and back left.

Thanks for the update - Coyotes can be large and I believe that some animals around the area are a Coyote / Wolf Hybrid - Coyotes with Red Wolf or Grey Wolf genes.

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