Wolves near Brock University in St. Catharines

My husband works near Brock University and went in for a very early shift the other morning. He saw 4 wolves together crossing a field just as he was parking the car. It was approximately 5am.

As it was very dark, he wasn't sure what he had seen, but said they were far too big to be dogs.

When he was mentioning the story to a friend of ours, who goes very early in the morning to swim at the University, our friend became very excited as only a few weeks ago he had seen 4 large wolf-like animals in a field as he approached the school.

It is a very busy area, but it is surrounded by fields, woods, and some farm lands so it is not unthinkable that there would be wolves in the area.


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Not seen since late 2012 early 2013
by: Anonymous

A pack of what looked like four Wolves - as they where way bigger than Coyotes, was seen a couple of times in a field near Decew Road and Richmond Street. My husband and I had also encountered a single Wolf on separate occasions while driving on Decew Road at dusk and dawn.

Wolves near Brock University
by: Bear

Pretty interesting, I grew up in the Niagara region and lived near Brock for several years. I heard Coyotes howling on several occasions and have hiked/biked the area right near Brock dozens of times.

I was never fortunate enough to see Wolves, but know the deer population is extremely high, which would be more than enough to support a small Wolf pack.

I now live north of Orillia where Wolves are more common and have heard them howling on several occasions.

Great to hear them!

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