Wolves in the backyard in Waterloo

(Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

One night in October at about 1:00 am I awoke to the sound of clear and close howling.

I live on a rural property not 5 minutes from west Waterloo, Ontario.

My bedroom window was open and I looked out and there were shining eyes in the backyard by the tree with the swing.

One of them was letting out the most bone-chilling howl.

It was an absolutely incredible, yet terrifying experience.

Coyotes don't travel in packs and they yip, not howl, so I'm absolutely sure it was Wolves, especially since the forest isn't too far away.

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Coyotes do howl
by: Anonymous

I went camping in Grand Bend during an eclipse. I was woken up between 1:00 - 1:00 am roughly 12 hours before the eclipse, to a group of dogs howling which sounded like wolves but turns out it was coyotes so to who ever says they don't howl that is definitely not true as most coyotes these days are hybrids, half wolf half coyote. Most around Waterloo region are hybrids also, so pure coyote may yelp but these hybrids do howl look it up you'll be surprised to see their isn't many pure coyotes left in southern Ontario.

Wolf near Roseville ont.
by: Anonymous

I saw the male wolf near the same area in January 2020 , it ran in front of my car.

Wolves in region of Waterloo
by: Anonymous

I live on a farm on Roseville Road in Cambridge, Ontario. Last March, wolves killed our Golden Retriever. The footprints were that of Wolves with the "triangle" foot pad and the toenail markings. When we found our dog, there were 1/4" teeth marks around his muzzle and head and he had been disemboweled.
About 3 weeks prior to this event, our neighbor spotted a pair of Wolves travelling through his field and ours.
We have since invested in a pair of, "Slovak Cuvak" dogs. An extremely rare breed of which there are only 11 in Canada (our dogs parents were the first imports and they had 9 pups).
These dogs are considered "green dogs" as they will first attempt to herd the threat away and will only attack if the threat doesn't leave. These dogs can and will take a Wolf down! They are one of the oldest breeds of dogs known to man.
I've heard the Wolves but the dogs and I haven't come across them.

I'm so sorry to hear about your Golden Retriever, that must have been awful!

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