Wolves in Ridgeway

by Layne
(Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada)

Last spring my husband and I were sitting at the table eating lunch at a property near Stonemill Road on the Lake Erie waterfront in Ridgeway, Ontario.

Two Wolves ran across the lawn and down the beach for quite a distance.

A few minutes later one of the Wolves came back and it stopped to pee/mark as it came back up on the lawn. We were shocked, we knew Coyotes were numerous in the area but hadn't seen a Wolf around here.

Because people kept saying that it was a Coyote we began to wonder if we were wrong, so about a week after that we took my son to Zooz (Safari Niagara) and we headed straight for the Wolf Habitat.

The wolves there are listed as Bush Wolves(?)

These were the type of Wolves we saw, long-legged and very tall with the tell-tale Wolf mask.

I remember as a child about 35 yrs ago that a friend of my mother's would talk about seeing Timberwolves on the train tracks behind her house in Ridgeway.

I'm happy that these majestic creatures are back, however I am more aware when working in the area we spotted them, for a bit I even took a sickle type thing when I took weeds and brush into the woods.

This is really interesting, and I'm happy to publish it - some of the Coyotes in this area are Wolf-Coyote hybrids, sometimes called Coy-Wolves, with many of the Coyotes having Red Wolf (Algonquin Wolf) genes.

I wonder if that is what you saw? Because they are a mix, they can look like Coyotes but behave move like Wolves, or on the other hand they may look more like Wolves, but their behaviour may be more that of a Coyote.

Please let us know if you see them again, we would love an update!


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Coyotes or Wolves
by: Carmen

I live at the corner of Young Ave and Wells, last night at approx. 10:30pm I saw either 2 very large coyotes or possible wolves trot by my front lawn and then turn down Wells toward Thunder Bay. They came by at different times within 5 minutes of each other. Wondering if anyone else has seen anything like I saw in this area?

Not like the Coyotes in the area
by: Layne

I wrote this sighting and I don't believe it was a Coyote because we have also seen Coyotes up close in this area.

I was working one day and looked up to see a Coyote on the neighbours front lawn. It started my way and I raised my arms up and out to get its attention, when it saw me it circled back around the other side of the house and across the lawn into the woods all the while looking back at me, he scared me more than I scared him.

He was about 300ft away when I noticed him and it was the middle of the day, he was the size of a Springer Spaniel in height but skinny/scrawny.

The wolves we saw were not quite twice its height with black/grey/brownish fur and the wolf mask.

Thank you so much for your extra information - we love to get first hand information about animal sightings, please let us know if you see more!

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