Wolves in Pottageville Schomberg area

by Anderson
(Pottageville Ontario Canada)

My friend recently moved to this area and lives off Concession Rd 7 just north of Lloydtown Aurora Road.

He mentioned that there was a lot of howling and barking happening at night due to either Wolves or Coyotes in the vicinity.

I can confirm this because whenever I've been there at night with him making a camp fire, you can hear movement in the woods along with excessive barking from what clearly appears to be a pack of animals.

Recently he had 2 large dog-like animals (possibly wolves) jump out of the woods and escort his truck on each side while he pulled into his residence.

He said their eyes were daunting and red like.

They were definitely wild animals and not just a pair of dogs.

Luck for him they lost interest in him and fled just moments later.

I always keep my eyes peeled when I'm in this area because I find it fascinating to be able to witness such a sight.

Well, yesterday I personally noticed a large black wolf bordering the east side area of Concession 7 South of Lloydtown Aurora Road as I left his place at around 3:30 in the afternoon.

I followed it for a short distance in my car to get a closer look. Before I knew it, he jumped right into the forested area and bolted.

My point being is that there are definitely some form of wild dog like animals running in packs or individually in this area. I don't think one needs to be too concerned as grown ups, but if little kids are left unattended, I think there could be some sort of risk.

Just my 2 cents.

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Black Wolf in Schomberg, Ontario
by: Dr Olga Graham

It was about 9 PM and I was unloading my car when I felt I was being watched. I slowly bent my head and saw a black Wolf watching me. He may have caught the scent of the cooked chicken. I knew better than to move suddenly. Fortunately, car lights came around the corner and he scampered off. This is real, people. This Wolf was at the end of my driveway, opposite to the Library on Main Street in Schomberg. Be careful. Look around you.

After Dark
by: Anonymous

Apparently there have been flashlights spotted between 1:00 a.m. & 3:00 a.m. walking around.

Coyotes not Wolves
by: Anonymous

Healthy Coyotes. They will make a lot of noise when they make a kill.

12/13/14 saw two Wolves today
by: Conrad

Saw two Wolves today approx 12 noon, 5 mins apart. First one came out of a corn field, ran across Lloydtown between Weston and hwy 400 heading south. The second one was visible from the 400 north of King Road. Estimated size 100lbs each.

by: Anonymous

Those are Coyotes.

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