Wolves in Ottawa

by Several Readers
(The Ottawa Area)

ID 5674625 © Outdoorsman | Dreamstime.com

ID 5674625 © Outdoorsman | Dreamstime.com

Several of our readers wrote to tell us about their
Wolf sightings in Ottawa

January 28th, at 4:30 am Connaught Ave a Wolf running down the street. Couldn't believe my eyes. Thought it was a dog off its leash until I drove up closer and realized it was too big to be a dog, and it's big fluffy tail definitely confirmed it. It was running down the street desperately looking for the forest right behind the houses. It was pretty amazing how fast it ran down the street 

Sighting of a Timber Wolf at 12:40 hours, 17 March, on the West side of the Experimental Farm, Queen Elizabeth Drive and 0.5 kilometer south of the intersection at Carling Avenue/Island Park Drive.  The animal appeared to be healthy, well fed, with a thick, black and white coat and an estimated weight of 40 kilos. (We have a 2 year old, German Shepherd which I'm using for comparison.) I was able to approach within 20 meters and observe the animal, from my stopped vehicle, for more than 60 seconds. It remained stationary, once I stopped my vehicle, and wasn't bothered by my presence.  I've observed Wolves for 25 years, in the Arctic environment, and I'm certain that this observation is not a misidentification of type. I've also observed Wolves in this location and whilst walking my dogs, over the past 25 years. This area provides an abundance of small game, year round, for these predators.  All in all, an exciting encounter. 

A reader reported hearing Wolves in Ottawa ... Just heard howling in Barrhaven. Jockvale and Prince of Wales. It's 4 am. Not sure what it was.

February 6, Coyote sighting at Britannia beach... Right past Ron Kolbus on parkway path. Seen while walking my dogs at 8:30 pm Feb 3rd. My dogs are small and were unleashed, luckily I was able to get them leashed, I picked the smaller one up and quietly turned around. It followed us for a long distance and gained speed on us getting as close as five feet behind us at one point. 

Another reader wrote - February 6 - My son and I saw a pair of Wolves on the Ottawa River not far from Britannia Beach. Unlike a Coyote that would normally run away at the first sight of humans, these two just wandered off towards Andrew Hayden park at a close distance of 75 – 100 metres. The paw print was close to 4 inches to height and width. I have to say they quiet and graceful in their movement.

Wolves on Prince of Wales, submitted by Beaubien on February 25, around 10:30 saw two wolves in the Experimental Farm. In the field, east of Prince of Wales and south of the traffic lights to the Hartwell locks. They were sort of independent about 200 metres apart. A man stopped and took their photograph. Lots of hard melting snow and rain. Of course, Coyotes are a possibility, but my first thought was Wolf.

Ottawa – Big Black Wolf, Driving on Albion at Aladdin park houses near Davidson or Lester 7:20 pm. First it looked like a big dog off leash, then I stalked it, there was no owner and no collar. As I figured it WAS A WOLF. Near Ozzy Store Don't walk around after dark, forget hoodlums, there was a Wolf causally crossing the street. It went close to the horse ranch whatever. I was safe in my car but some cars followed him even further. I should have stuck around I'm a city boy so that was my first. Looked healthy and was a Omega. came here due to no food this winter. It was not a dog for sure. This was at Wild Iris Ave, Gloucester. Albion and Meandering Brook.

Ottawa – March 9, Coyotes in McCarthy Woods / Uplands / Riverside I've seen them repeatedly over the last 2 - 3 years, most recently tonight. You can hear them all the time. There's a small pack in the NCC green space between Riverside/McCarthy/ Uplands/Walkley. Tonight I saw two loosely roaming together - a few weeks ago there were 4 running together. Anytime I've seen them in the daylight they're skittish and run off if any human or dog is nearby, so that's reassuring. 

One of our readers reported seeing Wolves in Dunrobin ... I just returned from walking my dog in my neighborhood, located off of Thomas Dolan Parkway and heard a very large pack of either Wolves or Coyotes! They were excited about something. Very cool experience! I have seen a lone Wolf on several occasions in my neighborhood, either very early in the morning or at dusk. Most recent sighting was about 3 weeks ago.

April 8 Hunt Club and Paul Anka, backing onto the Hunt Club golf course and have seen very large Coyotes in pairs, several times over the past month. Not sure how many there are. I would like to know if the city does anything about them.

April 9 - Many of our urban environments have had Coywolves and Coyotes live successfully living in large cities like Ottawa, Toronto and in the US, Chicago. They are adapting well to this lifestyle. They help keep rodent populations down including rabbits and Canada geese. They do not pose a threat to humans unless in a cornered situation. They are shy and you may never see them at all. If you do, just let them go on there way,do not approach. It is understandable that such an intelligent, adaptive animal like the Coywolf, Coyotes would adapt to urban and suburban lifestyles. I think if they can learn to live with us, we can learn to live with them.

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Wolf sighting
by: Anonymous

3 wolves sighted in the fields next to O'Toole Rd and Innes Rd. I've seen Coyotes many times. These had very wide faces and were grey and white in color. I got a long look at them.

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