Wolves in Cherry Grove

by Big John
(Cherry Grove, Ontario, Canada)

There is a pack of about 7 or 8 healthy Wolves living in the woods near my house on Gregory Drive, just west of Fairview Road in Cherry Grove, located 30 minutes north east of London about 25 minutes south of Saint Marys.

I had shot one that was trying to mess with my old lab x collie "Harley". At first I had thought that it was a pack of Coyotes, but once I shot it and had the carcass looked at, I was told it was a female Timber Wolf.

That was four years ago and they are still in the area cuz I often hear them at night and I see their tracks in the creek bed quite often.

I see them very seldom, but my neighbors have taken great video and pics of the pack on numerous occasions when going ATV-ing off the end of our road where there is an off-road dirt path that goes along the river for quite a distance.

There are tons of White Tailed Deer in this area, so they must be very well fed.

I see deer almost every few mornings and around dusk on my way to and from work.

**I don't know how to upload videos, I'm an old biker n just gettin' to know the computer, but when my son comes over I'll try n get his wife to upload the videos and photos my neighbors have given me on this thumb drive thingy***

Hey, Big John, thank you so much for your submission to our website - you know, my daughter and her husband live just north of Thorndale, so that's not far from you, and when they first moved out there, they used to hear Coyotes howling at night, but a few years ago, they said that they also heard Wolves (a very different sound), so I'm not surprised that you are hearing and seeing them.

Thank you so much for telling us about this.

I'm not sure how you can send me videos, but I'll email you privately!

Thank you for telling us about your experience! I will also post this on our facebook page.


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Wolves in Cherry Grove
by: Mary Lynn

Interesting. You seem to be OK with the Wolves and Coyotes and I understand why you would protect your dog. I just hope you donĀ“t have to shoot any more of them.

I had a Japanese Akita (a big Husky that looks like a cross between a Wolf and a Bear). He was bred to fight dogs back in the day in Japan.

One night, he was attacked by two large Coyotes. I heard the ruckus and I ran outside, saw one Coyote attacking him head on, and the other was biting his rectum which is a favourite form of attack of many carnivore predators. I rushed the Coyotes screaming and hollering and they ran off.

(My husband was in the house hiding under the bed covers. Can you imagine? And he rode a Harley!! - so much for all show and no go.)

Anyways, I have come face to face with these critters continuously and they always run away. I wouldn't want to run into a pack though.

Next time you see one, please hold the trigger finger. They do cut down on deer, and deer kill and injure tons of people every year running in front of cars.

Not to mention injuring the cars.

Or, God forbid, the Harleys.

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