Wolves in Caledonia

by Michael & Wendy
(Caledonia, Ontario, Canada)

My wife & I were woken up one night by a loud howling just outside our bedroom window.

We got up and looked out the back yard to see three large Wolves, noses up howling, less than 50 Ft from the house.

Our house backs on to an open field of about 200 acres, then a bush behind that.

I got my flashlight and shone it on them and they all turned together and ran towards the bush.

We went out the next morning and saw the paw tracks in the snow.

We have heard howling many times and again last night very loudly.

We didn't think that the wolves would be that close to town.

Wow, if they were howling, then it sounds like they were Wolves - Coyotes tend to "Yip".

I wonder whether what you have in your area could be Coy-Wolf hybrids ... animals with both Coyote and Wolf genes. Those animals can look like either Coyotes or Wolves, and also behave like either Coyotes or Wolves.

I am wondering this because to be so close to human habitation is more Coyote-like, whereas, the howling sounds more Wolf-like.

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