Wolves in Belleville and Smithville

by Two of our readers
(Belleville, Smithville, Carlisle and Mississauga, Ontario)

One of our readers says ..... I saw a Wolf outside just about 20 minutes ago (5:00 am August 24th 2012). The sighting was close to the North East intersection of Haig Road and Highway 2, in Belleville.

Another reader wrote to tell us about their experience ..... Tonight at midnight we heard a wild howling. We are used to hearing packs of Coyotes, but this was very distinct, we are on the Twenty Mile Creek in the Caistor / Smithville, Ontario, area.

One of our readers spotted a Wolf in Carlisle ... July 4, 2012 I was driving down Centre Road between the 5th and 6th Concession and saw an animal lying on the side of the road on the northbound shoulder of the road. At first glance it looked like a German Shepherd dog, but as I got closer I realized it was not a dog, but rather a Wolf. I have seen Coyotes before, and this was larger and had thicker fur. I think it was dead and had likely been hit by a car.

Another reader said ... This morning, while out for my usual run in northwest Mississauga, I spotted a large Wolf, Coyote or Coywolf cross the road right in front of me and into the small forested area that is sandwiched between two schools. It was a dark beige colour and its back was about one metre off the ground. My pace suddenly picked up. I know that it was not a dog by its running style and by the fact that it ran into the forest. A driver, thankfully, witnessed the creature as well and sat at the stop sign until I was clear from the area. Thank you to that driver for looking out for a runner's safety.

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