Wolves in Ancaster

by Dan
(Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)

April 09 2011 - I was on a hike with my family off the trails on Old Mohawk Road in Ancaster.

My daughters and I saw two large bushy animals that we thought looked like Wolves, walking in the forest slowly one behind each other.

I got scared because they definitely did not look like Coyotes, so I picked up a stick and started making lots of noise, but they just kept walking slowly through the forest.

Has anyone ever seen Wolves in Ancaster before?

Perhaps if any of our readers has seen or heard of Wolves being sighted in or around Ancaster, they could write and tell us about it.

Thanks for your report - I'm sure that was an exciting moment for you and your children!


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Wolf or coywolf
by: Anonymous

Fiddlers Green and Calvin.
I saw what I think was a Wolf but possibly a Coywolf this morning along the edge of my yard that backs onto green space. I see Coyotes quite often and this wasn’t one. It was quite large. It stopped and watched my dog and I before heading into the brush.

Coywolf - Garner Road between Shaver and Hamilton Drive
by: Anonymous

While we were dumping leaves and brush at the back of our property today we spotted a Coywolf hiding in our blue spruce trees. It just stood and watched us until we made noises to let it know we could see it and it took off.

by: Anonymous

Ravine behind Taylor Road in Ancaster (between Taylor Road and Jerseyville Road). A Wolf walked through my yard. I live on the ravine and have seen Coyotes but this was my first wolf. It was a large animal, no mistaking what it was.

Possible Wolf sighting
by: Rob Tait

A few weeks ago I was coming home along Mohawk Road in Ancaster approaching Wilson Street about 3.30am. As I approached the lights ahead of me a large black animal, which I took for a Wolf, crossed the road and headed into the property across from the ravine. It was black, long and slender with a long tail. I focused on it for a few moments but it soon disappeared into the nearby residential properties. Scary and yet fascinating.

Coyote Sighting in Meadowlands June 28 2013
by: Christine

This past weekend (Canada Day) my friends and I were walking back home (Joshua Ave/ Jeffery Drive)around 3am and saw a Coyote, mid height, skinny with light brown fur. It was walking from the wooded area near Shoppers Drug Mart across the street to the pond area behind Joshua Avenue.

Take care of your children and animals and be aware, even though living near a densely populated super centre, the coyotes are still hungry and thirsty!

Ancaster Coy-wolves, Garner Road and Kitty Murray Lane.
by: Gary

Late in November 2012, mid-afternoon, my attention was drawn to swift movement outside the second storey window about 30 yards from our house. It was a large wolf-like creature with a lush, multi-coloured brown/tawny/black coat and fairly long, very bushy tail. It moved gracefully, covering 100 yards effortlessly and in a wink. Move ahead to May 5, 2013, 12:20 a.m. We are awakened by a tumult of yipping/barking/yelping from a pack of what sounded like 4 - 6 coyotes and barely 20 yards away from our bedroom window. As wolves don't bark or yip, I can only conclude these are coyotes. I have since come to know that the CBC program, The Nature of Things, profiled what was called the "Coywolf". It resides near the urban areas of Southern Ontario and is a hybrid of the Eastern Grey Wolf and the Coyote.

Yes, I am familiar with the Coywolf - an animal with both Coyote and Wolf genes. Some look like Wolves but have Coyote-like behaviour, and others look like Coyotes but behave more like the Wolf. It depends how much of their genetic material comes from each species.

Cootes Paradise Wolf
by: James W

Hey, a few years ago I was hiking in the woods around Coote's Paradise in Dundas, Ontario, with my wife and a friend.

My friend noticed what looked like a Wolf standing in front of a line of pine trees across a small field (about 250 feet away).

We stopped and watched it for about five minutes ..... it just stared back at us the entire time. We then just carried on along the trail.

I have seen Coyotes and many pictures of Coyotes and this didn't look like them, as there are lots of Coyotes in this area.

The 1st photo at the top of your page.... about Wolves, looked almost exactly like what we saw.

The exact location was about a 5 minute walk into the trails at the RBG's North Shore Trails in Dundas, off of York Rd. Also, this area has a very large population of deer.


Canterbury Hills
by: Sean

I’ve spent countless nights out in the conservation area in Ancaster and have seen / heard TONS of coyotes. Some definitely look bigger than German Shepherds.

I track Wolves in Algonquin Park usually 3 - 4 times a year, and know the difference between the two.

One night around 1:00 am, I was sitting on a hillside when a pack of 5 - 8 Coyotes started yipping and howling at the bottom of the hill, then another pack started howling back behind me on the hill.

This went on for a few minutes until I heard a looong, low mournful howl which came from what sounded like the middle of the hill.

Both packs instantly stopped howling.

I’ve heard this only one time since, and to me it was the exact sound I hear time and time again in Algonquin.

Despite the story, I’m still not convinced there are wolves in the area, however I’ve talked to many farmers who claim they’ve seen them.

Wolf sighting on Sulphur Springs Road in Ancaster
by: Mark

I was driving home from work down Sulphur Springs Road when what I believe was a large Grey Wolf ran across the road at full gait.

I slowed down and watched it continue through the forest.

Given how fast he was running and that he didn't even notice me I can only speculate that he was chasing a Deer (quite a few live in this area).

I'm quite sure it was a Wolf because it was about twice the size of my German Shepherd and it was only about 30 yards in front of me when it ran out.

What beautiful animal!

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