Wolves Galore!

by Morgan, Blake, Doug
(Kingston, Sarnia, Kitchener, Mississauga, Chatham)

Morgan from Kingston wrote to say ..... Surprise! A pair of magnificent grey, healthy Wolves ambling together up the ice on Cataraqui Creek under the bridge at Bath Rd. On February 06, at one o'clock p.m., in full view of anyone and everyone, the leader showed a determined gait, while the mate playfully romped about and fell behind several times. The leader would calmly sit and wait for its mate to catch up. What a treat to see. I am grateful to have been at the right place at the right time.

One of our readers wrote to tell us ..... I just spotted a Grey Wolf on the 407 Westbound between Britannia and Trafalgar. It looked disoriented. It looked like it was trying to cross the highway.

Blake from Sarnia wrote to tell us of his Wolf sighting ..... On my way back from London, Ontario. Just after Centre Hickory exit or Centre Road exit on highway 402, I noticed a large animal crossing the road. I have never seen anything like it. The animal looked to me like a Wolf, grey and white and large, that is what makes me believe it was a Wolf. The size of it, on all fours over the bottom of my window. It just seemed so huge as it slowly meandered into the ditch off the highway

A reader from Kitchener, Ontario, said ..... Grey Wolves are quite common in this area as I have quite frequently heard howling and even got the unnerving experience of seeing one for myself! Near the Sunbeam Lodge. Stay clear at night is my advice as the large male I encountered seemed hungry and vicious!

Doug from Mississauga tells us .....April 14th around 10:30 am, I was travelling westbound on the 401 and spotted a Wolf down in the ditch at the edge of some brush just standing there. Definitely a Wolf. I was in traffic so unable to stop to take a picture and a better look.

A reader wrote to say ..... Driving down Dryer after work I saw three wolves trotting down the road right past my car. I could have rolled down the window and touched them.

A reader from the Chatham - Kent area says .....at highway 401 near exit 81 (Bloomfield Rd) I spotted a gray Wolf (or big coyote) crossing the highway in March.

Thank you all so much for telling us about your sightings!

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Loving the Wildlife in Muskoka!
by: Muskokan

I used to hear howlings in Simcoe County. Now I live in Muskoka and hear them more times. Coyotes yippings are not too common around here. I do hear there is a Black Bear in my area but have not seen him yet, but I do have pictures of the Bear paws in the snow. I have seen a beautiful Mink crossing the road, but Minks are becoming extinct, so I was lucky to see one. I will walk in that area again and see if I see this Mink again he was Black and very shiny. He was cute. And for sure take a picture and post it on this site. :) And of course the Black Bear will be posted on this site too. I am kind of new to this area and in time I am sure to catch pictures of the Wildlife up here in Muskoka and post them all.

For the love of Wolves
by: jay lyons

I have always been fascinated by Wolves, and have fostered some babies in the past until they were ready to go. Until society is educated on the Wolf, I am disgusted at the, well, we all know about our alpha female and her pack who were slaughtered when they crossed into Wyoming.

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