Wolves Everywhere!

by Anthony R, Roger H, Anna, three of our readers
(Cambridge, Brant / Oxford County, Kingston, Mississauga, Brampton, London, Markham)



Anthony R from Cambridge wrote ... I was approached by a white Wolf in Dumfries Conservation Area April 2022 only 10 feet away. I contacted the GRCA, RARE, and the Ministry of the Environment - only the Ministry responded and informed me to register the sighting with the NHIC - National Heritage Information Center - so I did so and uploaded my video to them. As I told them, I am 6'4" 250 lbs and if unarmed this thing alone could have likely taken me alone. If you read this, know or suspect they are there - take pics or videos and contact the Ministry - whether this is an issue for protection or problem, they'll be aware of it.

Roger H said ... Brant Oxford border highway 2 December 2021 ...My wife was driving along Hwy 2 just east of Etonia, between Paris and Princeton, when she had to brake sharply for what may have been a wolf. This was Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 about 9:00 pm. The animal loped across the highway in 2 or 3 seconds, heading south. It was much larger than any coyote we've ever seen (approaching 100 pounds perhaps), lighter in colour and much furrier. We're not experts, but it was a substantial animal and we're glad we were INSIDE the car!

Majestic looking Coyote in Kingston ... I went for a walk in July 2021 through Cataraqui historic cemetery. It was around 8pm and it was still bright and sunny. In the middle of the cemetery furthest from Sydenham road (east side), a coyote(?) crossed the gravel road about 100 m away. We both stopped in our tracks and looked at each other with surprise. It was majestic looking and bigger than the coyotes I've seen locally and way more hair (the only reason I think coyote was because the head was smaller in relation to rest of its body). It had this nice fluffy, thick coat (mainly white with light gray (and a bit of light brown). I immediately turned around and started walking fast. When I realized it was following me, I tried to walk more confidently and slow down but it was trotting faster than me. It followed me for about 200 etres and then disappeared. Maybe because I started shouting or it got bored. I don't think I will walk there in the evening again. lol It was beautiful though.

Ottawa sighting submitted by Anna who says ... I took pictures of this, as large as my hand, animal track in the snow March 17th 2022. I did not realize we had Wolves in Ottawa until I googled animal tracks in snow and Wolf sightings. The wolf tracks were found behind Cabotto's Restaurant 8am. The prints were definitely Grey wolf because they had the tell tale five front toes and the 4 toes for the back paw. No question about what it was as the size itself was what caught my eye. Easily as big as my hand and the width of my winter boot. I have read that Wolves and Coyotes attacks are extremely rare. Rather incredible find in the middle of Stittsville.

Just had incident when taking small dog outside to go to the bath-Room. The wolf was beside the house where we let the little Yorkie out when my daughter spotted it. She screamed and it ran pass the little dog within ten feet of it. Right after that as my daughter ran to get her dog, ( on the far side of my truck) three more ran pass coming from same direction as the the other wolf. They were hiding at the front (East. side) of the house. Our entry door is on the Eastside of house as well. I live on the south side of Embleton Road, a little east of Winston Churchill Blvd. When my daughter told what had happened I went out with a powerful flashlight and saw two of the wolves. They were huge, definitely not coyotes or coy-wolf. I had a hybrid wolfdog as a pet for 14 years. She was 82% arctic wolf and 18% Alaskan Malamute and was about 90 lbs. She was white with yellow eyes and wonderful with children and women. These wolves looked much larger. This incident happened at 1:00 am. A year ago I also saw large cougar at 1:00am.

A reader from the Ottawa area said ... I live on Kanata Ave near the Terry Fox Shell station. In the middle of Friday night I was awakened by extremely loud howling type noise. At first, I thought it was a couple of dogs. They sounded like they were in distress. I got up, looked to see if any animals were in distress, saw nothing! I went back to bed, heard these cries another couple of times, to me the sound seem to be coming from more than one lone animal. I know they were not pet dogs, the howling and pitch sounded very dangerous, angry, and in a fight mode. I couldn’t help but wonder if they are ever in this area during the day when children are often playing with other children in the park from where I believe those animals were positioned.

Another reader from Brampton wrote ... I think I saw a black Wolf on Heritage Road, Brampton. I was not sure as I was not expecting to see one there. Firstly I thought it is a Coyote but as I saw it from close, it sure wasn’t a Coyote. It was way bigger than Coyote. I was amazed to see that beautiful creature but it was scary at the same time.

From London, Ontario, a reader said ... my security camera recorded a few of either Wolves or Foxes in my back yard a few times this week. One of the cliff shows that they are looking for something, do I need to report to the city? If so who should I report to?

One of our readers from Markham asks, was this a Wolf ... Christmas Day, 2021, near 5:00 pm. It was dark outside. On a side road near a highway I saw a large full grown Wolf emerge from tall dry grasses. He was in excellent health. I was absolutely thrilled to see him. There is no healthy wilderness or wild without wolf. They do immense good for the environment. They cull old and sick animals allowing a greater variety of mammals and birds and amphibians and other life to re-inhabit a natural area. Wolf has been maligned by humans for far too long. There is no wilderness without the wolf.

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