Wolves Everywhere

by Al, Todd Scott, Wayne, James,
(Sawmill Creek, Oakville, Calton, Beamsville, Strathroy, Courtice, Waterloo, Cambridge)


On March 2 2016, Al wrote to tell us about his Sawmill Creek sighting ... On March 1, 2016 around 8 pm I heard an animal breaking through the snow crust about 30 feet away. I was in the brush on the east bank of Sawmill Creek about 500 m north of the Walkley Road transit station. I looked over my shoulder and the startled wolf instantly bolted.it had dark fur on its face and mane. A couple of weeks earlier, along the same trail, I saw the tracks in fresh snow of what I looked like a large dog and bloodied remains of a small mammal, with no human footprints nearby. I see small otters which have burrows along the creek bank. There are many deer in the wooded creek area also. On March 18, 2015 I photographed a shaggy grey wolf walking east in the light brush at the base of the Codd's road hill. A fellow walking his dog nearby informed me others have sighted wolves in the area.

Wolf spotted at 16 mile creek, Oakville April 24, 2016 around 1:30 to 2:00 pm... While my husband and I were walking on the west side of 16 mile creek, we saw a big dog-like animal by itself walking in the wood about 50 meters in front of us. It's tails was big and downward, the fur color was grey. I immediately recognize it as a Wolf. I hold my husband's arm and told him that it was a Wolf. My husband, for once in his life, agreed with me with no doubt. At that time, there were no people in sight (I was really hoping to see someone around). It didn't mind our existence and walked up the wild hill in a steady pace. We freezed for a bit looking around for people in case it attacks. No one at all in sight. Making sure it had no interest on us, we slowly moving along the trail and it was no where to be seen.

Todd Scott from Calton, near Aylmer Ontario, wrote to report ... tonight October 1st 2015 I was out behind my house on Richmond Road. Shortly after midnight I went out with our camera to take some pictures of the stars. While outside I heard some howling back in the gullies behind my house. They were not yips like Coyotes but definite howls. Not sure if wild dogs howl or not. I believe it was Wolves howling, but I can't be certain.

Wayne from Beamsville wrote to report ... Yes we have seen two. Approximately 2 weeks ago one ran right out in front of our car in Vineland, Ontario, and tonight February 18 2016, one was howling not more then 150 meters from us in Beamsville, Ontario. And yes, I checked them against sounds and pictures and it was a Wolf.

James from Strathroy wrote to tell us about his Wolf sighting ... I was working on a house just outside of Aylmer when I happened to look over to my right and saw a large animal which seemed to have the structure of a Wolf, feeding on something. I then called my fellow workers over and they would agree that it was not a dog or Coyote. We were approximately 50 yards away and this took place on February 17 2016.

A reader wrote to say ... 1:30 am, Courtice, Ontario, there was a huge Wolf howling away loudly just feet from our backyard. There is a forest behind us. We have seen Coyotes recently too, but this was definitely a Wolf.

Another reader wrote to us ... Hi, I am sure this is what I saw this morning out my kitchen window. He was standing by the brush pile in the yard. Beautiful, light grey with a white chest, bushy tail. This is the second time I have seen the same animal around here. I live just past Erbsville in Waterloo Ontario.

One of our readers spotted a solo Wolf and said ... Spotted a lone Grey Wolf in Maple Grove rail yard in Cambridge, Ontario.

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