Wolves/ Coyotes in Ottawa

by Al
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

On March 1, after nightfall at 8 pm, I heard a large animal breaking through the snow crust.

I was in the ravine on the east bank of Sawmill Creek about 500 m north of the bus transitway station on Walkley Rd.

Amidst the light brush and deadfall, I looked from behind a tree, and the startled Wolf or Coyote (about 30 feet away) turned and bolted.

It had dark fur around its face.

A month earlier, at the same locale, there were tracks of a large canine in the fresh snow and bloodied remains of a small mammal, with no human footprints nearby.

I see small Otters which have burrows along this creek bank.

On March 18, 2015 at 2 pm, I photographed a shaggy brown Wolf or Coyote walking east in the light brush along the base of Codd's Rd hill, north of Montreal Road.

I was in the open about 100 m away, but the animal was not afraid, just kept walking.

A fellow walking his dog nearby informed me others have sighted wolves in the area.

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