Wolves and Coyotes in the Oakville area

While driving in November 2012, on Dorval Road, right at Upper Middle Road, a definite Wolf cut across all lanes of traffic on Dorval, one lane of which I was in.

I could clearly see the animal due to the spotlight of the multiple cares on the road that night and that thing was massive. It was bigger than a large male German Shepherd and totally wild-looking.

There is no way it was someone's house pet. It looked healthy and very strong and it took off like a bolt of lightning, moving so fast you could only make out a very large blurry animal and then it was gone.

There is no way it could have been anything but a Wolf. I knew that it was within 1 millisecond of seeing it! I think by instinct I must have been able to very quickly recognize it. Seeing this thing rip across all lanes of traffic that night was totally exhilarating.

I told people what I saw and most people said it was probably a Coyote, but there was no mistaking it. It was way too big to be a Coyote, this thing looked like it could take down any large dog, it was a huge, powerful animal and I would never approach it outside of my vehicle.

I have since seen a baby Coyote almost run into a person's house as they left their door open while they were putting their coats on, just about to leave the house! I mentioned to them that a young Coyote was making his way inside and he should close the door, which he did and the thing ran off. This occurred near Forsythe and Lakeshore last year, at Kerr and Speers Road.

At around 3:00 am in mid-April 2015 I saw a large Coyote running up the middle of Kerr Street, as I was driving across Speers Road. It took off running through the parking lot of the Food Basics Plaza and headed towards the train track by the Roxbury.

Having had these close encounters I have grown concerned about large predators moving into town. Due to all the housing development that has occurred over the years, I think much of the wildlife in Southern Ontario is being displaced and is becoming more and more settled in urban environments.

People should be made more aware of potential encounters and possible threats - especially children.

I think it would be a very good initiative for the government to put together a re-location plan for animals like Foxes, Coyotes and most of all, Wolves and Bears.


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Humans shoudl relocate
by: Anonymous

Its us humans who should relocate or just stop building. We keep encroaching on all animals lives. They shouldn't have to be relocated because of human greed.

Coywolves and Coyotes
by: Mike

Coywolves and Coyotes are very common in Ontario and even the GTA now. Watch the episode on The Nature of Things about them. I'm out every day in the York Regional Forest trails and have seen both animals many times. I once saw a Coywolf walking down the sidewalk in Markham at 3:00 in the afternoon heading towards a ravine. You can spot them all the time along the 407 corridor. The fields, brush, and ponds provide undisturbed habitat for them and a wide variety of animals including deer.

Wolves in Oakville
by: Donna

I lived in Oakville in the late-1980s/early-1990s and first saw wolves trotting along Lakeshore Road not far from the oil refinery at the Mississauga border. I called the Humane Society to report them, and the society confirmed that there had been sightings of wolves there. In the following five years or so, I would pretty regularly see a lone wolf (or two) running along the train tracks off of Winston Churchill Boulevard south of Royal Windsor, either at dusk or dawn, as well as near Ford Drive and the QEW. It's good to read they still survive in the area.

Wolves & Coyotes in the Oakville area
by: Beth

As a lover of God's creatures, wild and tame, I am so glad you suggested a removal program and not extermination. You are right ..... WE are the encroachers but they pay the price. Thank you for your consideration both for human and animal; you are a a credit to humankind.

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