Wolf Spotted

by Rev. Joseph Doey
(Blenheim, Ontario, Canada)

On October 25 2009, my wife and I were travelling from Sarnia, Ontario, to Chatham. We were on the Kimball Side road and crossed Petrolia Line.

About 2 km south of Petrolia Line, (before Hwy 80) we saw a Wolf on the east side of the Kimball Side road.

We gazed at it as we passed. It did not move at all. We stopped our vehicle and turned around to look at it again.

Before we got to it, it went off into the woods. When we stopped at the spot where it stood, we saw it run off into the woods. He never looked at us, but seemed to know when to run off.

I grew up in B.C. and have seen plenty of Wolves and Coyotes, this was definitely a Wolf. It was much too big to have been a Coyote.

Thank you so much for letting us know about your sighting of a Wolf so far south in the province


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Wolves - not only in the north?
by: Anonymous

That's great - I didn't know there were so many Wolves and Coyotes in this area of Ontario. I thought they were only in the North.

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