Wolf Spotted In The Upper Rideau Region

by Trevor
(Newboro, Ontario, Canada)

We live on the Upper Rideau Lake near Newboro, Ontario, and what appeared to be a Wolf (it was too big for a coyote apparently) was seen crossing a private lane service road from the lake shore in front of my neighbors car (one night a few days ago while they were driving home) and up my driveway straight into the woods that surround my house.

We are very isolated here with only a few people living on this private dead end road, so there is a definite possibility that it was indeed an Eastern Wolf.

I also found large paw prints by the lake edge in the snow drifts when the lake was frozen, just a few weeks ago.

Wonderful to think that such animals are surviving here, the best decision in my life was my immigration to Canada a wonderful wonderful place :)

Thanks for telling us about your encounter with the Canadian Wildlife!

I agree, it sure is a great country!

If you like, you can tell us your story about moving to Canada - you can write it on the form on this page here "About Us" here at Discover Southern Ontario

I came to Canada many years ago, and have loved Ontario ever since!

I will also post this on our facebook page.


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