Wolf Sightings

by Susan, Kevin, Mr Townsend
(King City, Cavan-Monaghan, Madoc)

Me and my partner were driving northbound today, January 21, 2018 at around 12:30 pm on Jane just south of King Road as we often do to take a break from city life and observe the beautiful scenery of King City, when to the right, about 50-100 m deep into a clear farm field a stunning, a gracious BEAST of a Wolf was turning and walking towards a gate to the field. Head, tale were huge it even had a thick mane reminiscent of a lion's. I recall behind the mane being massive shoulders and overall it was simply gigantic. I firstly thought it was a polar bear as it's colossal head was appearing over a small peak in the middle of the field before proceeding north bound to the gate parallel with us. I was skeptically trying to tell myself "it's a dog" but I just knew by my adrenaline rush, awe struckness and the sheer size and colour of the coat it was a white winter grey wolf. I immediately noted it as the head appeared so my partner looked over and immediately acknowledged it was a white wolf too. Unmistakably so. Amazing stuff. I absolutely love wildlife and the fact that we have some of Canada's finest here in the GTA is phenomenal to me! Obviously as long as both animal and human are safe!

Susan wrote to say ... we live in Cavan-Monaghan township close to the city and have seen 2 wolves on two separate occasions. There were lots of deer around but there is no sign of them since we have seen the wolves.
One the other evening was right up beside our back deck. They run away quickly if they see you.

Kevin wrote to say ... Madoc - Walking with my dog this morning as usual along a trail used by snowmobiles and ATV's near the Tim Horton at Hwy 7 and 62, I heard the sound of a wolf's howl. My dog, a 2 year old Husky, was wandering in the bush nearby the trail, as I walked the trail with him. We were heading for the exit from the wooded area, and my dog had wandered a bit further into the trees, this is when I heard the howling.
I ran towards the howling, loudly calling for my dog, worried that my dog had come in contact with the wolves, fearing the worst. Finally my dog appeared from the trees and I hurried us out of the area, still hearing the howls as they were drawing closer. As we finally were clear of the woods, in the open marsh area, the howls drifted away back into the woods. I believe we were very lucky, as my dog may have come across a wolf and its young, and nothing would be worse.

Mr Townsend wrote ... when I was a child in the 1970's I would tag along with my Father, Uncles, Grandfather and Townsend family friends hunting Wolves in the area. We would take the wolves that were killed as well as Coyotes to a place that purchased them. There were photos and photos pinned up in my grandparent's basement of rows of animals hanging upside down wherever that place was, I remember a 3 legged hound was a resident there. Yes, there were Wolves, to any that are skeptical. Eventually the hunting subsided I can only assume because there were eventually only Coyote left which fetched very little for pelts.

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