Wolf Sighting

by Chrissy

I saw a wolf while working a midnight shift near Nairn, Ontario.

There was no mistaking exactly what it was.

My husband, who is from England, had his immigration here made wonderful when he was driving to Strathroy on a back road in the winter.

He was cursing the Ontario winters as he was driving in a snow storm, when he had to slam on the brakes because a herd of deer ran out in front of him.

To his amazement, seconds later, they were being chased by a pack of wolves! He loves Canada now :)

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Wolf and Coyote Sightings
by: Mike Sculthorpe

I read the Wolf comments with interest. I lived in Ontario 1978-81 & 1986-88 and am now back home living in Dorset, England. I remember seeing a large timber wolf while visiting a rubbish (garbage) dump in Kapukasing, N.Ontario. I have also seen numerous Coyotes or Brush Wolves as they were more appropriately called. My dad owned a property on Highway 25 right next to the Bronte Creek Provincial Park and we would often horse ride in the park. We used to see Brush Wolves frequently, and I often saw the remains of whitetail deer that had been killed by these large coyotes. It is common knowledge that Ontario's coyotes are larger than their Southern and Western cousins. I am now aware that there is now documented evidence to prove that these 'Brush Wolves' have hybridised with wolves and are a distinct subspecies.
Incidentally we have 6 species of deer here in the UK and they are reaching plague proportions in many areas. We have wild boar that have escaped from farms and it is only a matter of time before these also become a problem to land managers.

Mike Sculthorpe

Hello Mike, thanks for your comments!

He didn't see those in England
by: Suzy Q

Ha! I bet your husband was surprised - there are no Wolves in England and there are hardly any wild deer either. I'm glad he saw those.

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