Wolf sighting Mill Pond Milton Ontario

by Melissa
(Milton, Ontario, Canada)

On June 3 2013 walking my two little dogs down at Mill Pond, Milton, Ontario, around 10 am; my husband and I parked our car in the small parking area beside the railroad tracks.

We had our dogs off the leash and are always very cautious of our surroundings always in that area for other dogs and wildlife.

We were about 200 yards from the top of the trail looking up the small incline of the trail, and right there before us, stood in the middle of the trail at the very top looking down at us, out of nowhere, was they huge grey and white what we thought first was a husky, then automatically realized it was not a husky or Coyote it was a huge Wolf, I kid you not.

We quickly picked up our dogs and walked swiftly back to our car, good thing the dogs did not see the animal, they would have barked at it for sure.

My brother who I told the story to, thought it might be a coywolf - a hybrid of a wolf and coyote. He recently saw a documentary how these hybrid animals from Algonquin Park are migrating to Southern Ontario and will be the next main species for the next 50 years.

We love the trail at the pond, it is cool place to walk the dogs on a warm day, and peaceful, but no more, I don't care what time of the day it is, I will not take that risk even with my 2 little dogs on a leash.

So for all those out there, please beware when walking your dogs down there.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, I'm sure your information will be useful for others who walk in the same area.

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