Wolf sighting London Ontario April 2012

by J Butler
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday around 4:00 pm two adult Wolves were walking calmly on the shoulder of hwy 401 between Highbury Avenue and Wellington Road.

I have seen Wolves numerous times in past, but never in South Western Ontario - only Coyotes.

These were definitely Wolves, not dogs, not Coyotes.

Very similar to your photo.

Thank you so much for telling us about your sighting - I have also seen an animal which looked similar to a Wolf, in the Belmont area and also just south of Dundas Street, London, not far from the south end of Nissouri Road.

I did a little research and found out that this area has Wolf-Coyote hybrids - animals which may look like a Coyote but have Wolf-like behaviour, or animals that may look like Wolves but have more Coyote-like behaviour.

It would be incredibly rare for Wolves to be anywhere near human habitation as they really are creatures of the wilderness, however, Coyotes can co-exist with humans quite nicely (when we stay out of each others way!)

I wonder if what you saw was a Coyote-Wolf hybrid, as that would explain the Wolf-like appearance and the Coyote behaviour?

Maybe other readers will have some answers - meanwhile, thank you so much for sending us this report of your sighting!

I will also post this on our facebook page.


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Wolf sighting
by: Mark D.w

In late July my wife and I were northbound on Highbury Avenue and just past Commissioners Road. On the east side of the road we also noticed what I believe was a Wolf just coming out of the tree line, panting heavily due to the very hot day (early afternoon).

As a long distance trucker I have seen several Wolves in my career, but was puzzled by this one because his size and features were distinctively Wolf the coloring was off, and now that I read about this hybrid coyote mix what we saw makes sense.

Hope this helps with the other info you've gathered.

Sighting of huge creature!!
by: Bek

I was visiting Ontario from England a couple of years ago.

Travelling along the 401 east from Oshawa to Kingston I saw a huge animal which looked very much like a Wolf.

It was definitely NOT a domestic dog!!!

I didn't think they lived that far south and it was near farmland.

Please could you give me some ideas about it as it has intrigued me ever since!


"Wolves" At Wellington Road / Highbury Avenue
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

These were not Wolves. Shortly after your 4:00pm timing I was travelling back from Brantford to London and saw both animals hit by cars as they tried to cross the 401.

Myself and three other vehicles stopped them from jumping the median and blocked the fast lane until authorities could arrive.

Both "Wolves" were Siberian Huskies, and were much loved family pets. They did not have collars on but their microchips quickly located their family once taken to an emergency veterinary clinic which myself and my friend accompanied them to.

I am happy to email you pictures of their rescue should you wish to provide your email address.

Kindest regards. J.T.

Possible wolf siting between Highbury & Wellington Road along #401
by: Anonymous

I went to an MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) meeting last Fall, re: Coyotes populating London & Aylmer area.

It was said that we do have Coyote/Wolf crossed creatures in this area.

The Coyotes are much larger now because of this cross that happened in New Brunswick, and in Ontario's Northern regions.

Thanks for the info!

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