Wolf or Coywolf sightings

by Mary, Jeff, Waseem, Tom,
(Guelph, Barrie, Mt Albert, The Kawarthas, Pickering, Winona)

Several of our readers have written to report their Wolf and / or Coywolf sightings.

Mary from Guelph, Ontario, said ... I was walking my dog this evening àround 8:30 pm and was walking on Gordon Street in Guelph between Arkell Road and Edinburgh Road. I was on the side of the road that has the open field and marshland/forest which is always teeming with wildlife such as deer and coyotes. All of a sudden my dog's hackles went up. I looked into the forest and right in the clearing not 50 feet away was a silver/grey wolf with bright eyes just staring at me and in a crouched position. At first I thought it might have been a husky or a coyote, but it was much too big to be one. I literally live right across the road from this spot, so I instantly crossed the road, even though the traffic was very busy, but my heart was in my throat! I was afraid my dog would bark and freak out and so I had to get us out of there fast! Fortunately some cars stopped and let us cross. I won't be walking on that side of the road again!!

Jeff from Barrie wrote ... I saw three wolves (or coy-wolves, but they were awfully large) running alongside the walking trail near Georgian Downs horse track. Surprisingly it was early afternoon and they were no more than 100-150 ft away from us and our dog.

A reader from Mt Albert said ... I've been hearing howling and screaming for past few nights and today heard them in the morning and again at 9 pm. I looked out the back window and saw two coyotes or wolves walking toward the pond. They were quite large, the size of a German Shepherd. This is the first time I have see them. They are still howling and must be feeding family? Keeping my dog out of the backyard now I've seen them that close to the house.

A reader from the Kawarthas wrote to say they heard a small Eastern wolfpack ... Mid June, I heard them howl back and forth in the evening (10/11pm) with Eastern Wolves about 180 km east of Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. At least 4 distinct wolves.

Waseem wrote to us ... I live off of Dellbrook Avenue and Brock Rd in Pickering. For the last week I have been hearing howling from what I think is a pack of wolves. Anyone else with a similar experience in the Durham region recently?

Tom from Hamilton said ... I work at a machine shop in Winona, Ontario. I'm the foreman there so I go in very early open the shop unlock the gate ect. This was the case on a Saturday 2 summers ago. I waited for the workers to show up and decided to grab a coffee for myself and the guys who came in extra early to get a rush job completed. Tim Hortons is a five minute drive from the shop. I got about a block or two down the road and saw what looked to be a large dog at the side of the road, so I stopped to look, there were three wolves just off to my right with a deep wide ditch that lead onto an orchard. After looking right at me without any fear, they leapt over that ditch and into the orchard with a single bound. I thought what an unbelievable feat! What power they have. A big strong dog could never have done this. I then noticed something to the left side of the road - there were three more just staring at me, they didn't move until I left. They were not intimidated by me in any way! This happened where there are houses and subdivisions nearby where people jog and walk their dogs. It was incredible to see them for what they really are magnificent, beautiful, but dangerous beasts!!

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