Wolf or Coyote near Ancaster

by Nancy
(Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)

I saw a large, very handsome, well coated - somewhat reddish - individual in daylight approximately 11:45 am.

Not sure if it was a Wolf or Coyote, but my previous sightings of Coyotes were long legged scrawny animals.

This was large, apparently healthy - may have been travelling alone - it crossed a trail in front of me and my two dogs.

If it had a companion, I did not see it.

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by: Joanne

Fluffy coyote on Foxborough Drive again at 10:15 pm February 5th 2022 - keep your smaller pets inside!

by: kaye

We have had numerous sightings on our street, Foxborough Drive, Ancaster, at approximately 3:00 am respectfully.
Also while walking in the valley at the bottom of Martin Road and in and around the trail system mid day.

Coyote sightings Ancaster.
by: Rob Tait

We walk our dog on the radial path near the Ancaster tennis courts and we have had several sightings of coyotes recently. One sighting was just yesterday November 13th.

Wolf or Coyote walked across my backyard
by: Teddy Chan

This morning at 8:00 am, I saw a coyote or wolf walked across my backyard with stuff in its mouth. This was the first time I saw it happened. What can we do about it?
at the Meadowlands 10th May 2018.

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