Wolf Memories

by Anonymous
(Midhurst, West Sussex, England)

I am sitting here in my office in Midhurst, West Sussex; England, reminiscing about wonderful memories spent living in Ontario. My Father once owned a smallholding on Hwy 25 (Bronte Rd), just North of Q.E.W.

My Father back then owned horses and we would often go horse riding in the Bronte Creek Provincial Park., back in the late 1970's early 1980's.

Being a teenager with a keen interest in wildlife, I would often marvel at the Whitetail Deer and yes, my Dad and I would often see Coyotes.

It was often possible to get quite close to the Deer and Coyotes, I believe the scent from the horses would mask our natural smell. To my knowledge there are no Wolves in the Oakville area.

I was always interested in Wolf distribution in Ontario and indeed I still am. When living in Ontario I would often engage in conversations with people about Wolf distribution in the Province.

I always found it difficult to get an accurate picture of how far South Wolves could or might be found, simply because the Coyote looks so similar to the Wolf, especially in the winter having grown a luxurious coat.

The matter was made even more complicated by the fact that the Coyote was often called a Brush Wolf. So when people mentioned that they had seen a Wolf, they had indeed seen a "Brush Wolf".

There is one more fantastic memory of living on Ontario, this time it does involve a Grey Wolf that I saw while visiting a garbage dump on the outskirts of the Northern Ontario town of Kapuskasing.

The wolf was almost pure white and was unmistakable as it bounded across a clearing not far from where I was stood. I can honestly say this was the highlight of my spending 6 years in Ontario, Canada.

Thank you so much for sending us your wonderful memories of living in Ontario - please feel free to send us any more of your great stories - our readers would love to hear more!


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