Wolf in Red Hill Valley

by Mike
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Last night we spotted what we think was a Wolf on our quiet street near Mt. Albion Road and King Street, in the Red Hill Valley around midnight when our cats that were outside came running in.

It seemed too large to be a Coyote but I'm not sure.

It walked along our street then headed back behind a neighbours house and back in the valley.

Had a fair bit of whitish fur on it.

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Wolf spotted entering east end
by: Kolya

Just tonight I was out on a walk when the wolf passed by me and sprinted into Sam Manson park. Poor fella looked scared, but really was an incredible size. At first I thought it had been a coyote but the wolf could definitely reach up to my waist.

Wolf seen in Red Hill Valley
by: Bob

I witnessed the wolf today, on my walk. It was light brown with a white tipped tail. Several moments later I heard the howling of the pack. I saw them about 500 meters south of the creek bridge.

Wolf or Coyote
by: Alexis

I saw an interesting program on Nature of Things about Ontario's Coyote's and hybrids. Apparently some Ontario Coyotes began breeding with our Grey Wolves in Algonquin Park in the early 1900's and have been seen in Toronto and Chicago. They are a separate breed called Coywolf and are rarely seen. So it that's what it was then your very fortunate to have seen one.

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