Wolf in Ottawa - Range Road

by Kirk
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Last week I was driving down Range Road and I noticed a Wolf caught in the fence along the side of the road (I originally thought it was a deer).

It had tried to jump the 4 foot fence along the side of the road however at the top of the fence there is an additional 2 strings of barbed wire about a foot above the Fence itself, the Wolf had its leg twisted between the two strands of barbed wire and while trying to get free had managed to flip himself over the fence 3 times only getting himself more stuck in the fence and winding the wire tighter around his leg.

I called the Humane Society’s Emergency line and they dispatched a car, but before they arrived on site we were able to get him free with the help of bolt cutters and Range Control and at the speed he ran off I am sure he was not seriously injured from the ordeal ...

Red Riding Hood.

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