Wolf in field in Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa

by Robert
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

A friend and I were walking my dog across a huge field (Called the Mile Circle) between the Ottawa River, the Ottawa River Parkway, and the community of Rockcliffe Park this October afternoon.

He spotted what we believe was a Wolf about 100 yards to our right on the edge of a thicket of trees.

It looked back at us and then disappeared back in the trees. Perhaps it thought we were too interested.

It looked much too big, furry, and generally Wolf-like to be a Coyote. It was mainly black but looked to have brown and silver trim.

We then ran into another dog owner who reported that she had heard of a sighting there the day before.

Thank you for telling us about your wildlife encounter.

You may find this article about the Coyote-Wolf hybrid, from The Toronto Star, interesting.

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Possible Wolf in Rothwell Woods
by: Anonymous

Last weekend I spotted movement in the woods behind our house in Rothwell Woods and thinking that it was the usual deer, went to see. It was in fact a wolf-like animal that was quite large, grey and white and could have passed for a Husky as it had the same mass and fluffy fur. It just seemed too big to be a Coyote.
Deer often pass through the woods behind us and it was evidently tracking. Our Lab sometimes barks aggressively at night and deer cause him to bark excitedly, so it would not surprise me to learn that he is reacting to it's presence.

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