Wolf in Cayuga

by Trevor
(Cayuga, Ontario, Canada)

Just last week I walked out of my garage, around 7 o'clock at night, to witness a Wolf running up the tree line!

Just as I walked out it stopped dead (and so did I) and just stared, I would say I was only 150 feet away!

The most amazing thing I've seen. It's shoulder height had to be 2 ft at least, reddish brown fur on top with white under it's chin and neck.

Now for the last 3 nights my wife and I have been listening to it howl, sounds like it's right beside the house!

Amazing thing to see and hear, I hope it stays around!

Wow, that is exciting!

Here you can hear both the howl of the Wolf and the call of the Coyote - it will help you know for sure which animal you are hearing.

Just go to those pages and click on the video of each animal to hear their calls.

Thanks for sending this to us. I will also post this on our facebook page.


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Lucky guy.
by: Anonymous

Hi Trevor, I have lived in Cayuga for about six years and hear the yipping, frantic sounds of coyotes at night, usually after midnight because I am such a night hawk. Tonight their chorus seemed to come from near the new hockey arena. I live on that street. I used to live on a farm in Fisherville and have heard more coyotes since I moved to this village. One night the coyote chorus was skipping around, seeming like it was from the river and bridge area, then a deep low howl (not a dog) began. After that the coyotes were silent. The howl sounded about five times with intervals in between. I have seen a dead coyote on the way to Dunnville, must have been hit by a car and a very noble trotting one in that same area of fields. I pulled over and it gazed at my eyes and kept on going calming. It felt like magic.

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