Wolf Howls

(Durham, West Grey, Ontario)

On Friday evening, about 8:30 or so, we were serenaded by, what sounded to us like, a pack of Wolves howling. It was deep and not "yippy", but long and amazing!

And there were many voices ..... we were outside of Durham, West Grey. We're new to the area - does anyone know of Wolves in or around Durham? It certainly was an amazing sound!

Thanks for the info - maybe other readers have heard the howls - if so, let us know!

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Is it close to Locust Hill, in Durham Region?
by: Katherine

I use to live in Locust Hill about 15 years ago on Durham 30 S. and nearly every night when we were in our bed we heard the wolves howling ....it was spell-binding!

Especially on a cold, crisp, winter night.

Heard Wolves tonight!
by: Anonymous

We live just outside of West Grey and we heard one tonight. It's the first time ever and it was really spooky since we were walking in the dark with our dogs!!

by: Suzy Q

My Gran lives in that area and I am going to listen for Wolves next time I am there visiting her.

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