Wolf Encounter at Night

by A. B.
(Kanata, Ontario)

Myself and 3 other people have been going into the forest in Kanata, Bridlewood area, at night for the past few months to listen to Coyotes. We would sometimes hear Coyotes, but this time was very different.

We had howled hoping to hear something, and a pack of Coyotes responded far off. A few minutes later we had howled again, and Wolves responded very near by to us. They sounded very different from Coyotes, their howl was lower and they didn't yelp.

We were frightened and headed back to the exit of the forest. Using an air-horn did not stop them from howling.

We waited about 10 minutes near the entrance, when we spotted 2 wolves run by about 12 feet in front us!

Another ran in a different direction behind us, and a fourth farther in front of us. They clearly were stalking us and trying to surround us, they were not afraid of lights, noises, or camera flashes. By the sounds of it there were at least 8, though we only saw about 6.

This happened on February 24,2013 at around 1am, in the entrance to the forest off Steeplechase Road.

The next morning we came back to look at the tracks, and they were definitely Wolves, the paw sizes were from 4 - 5".

Thank you for sending this to us. I hope you don't mind, but I found your submission very interesting and moved it here where it will be seen by more people, rather as just a comment on someone else's report.

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