Wolf Eating Apples Near Mill Pond Conservation Area

by Brian
(Portland, Ontario, Canada)

At least I believe it's a wolf - it looks too big to be a coyote, though we have heard coyotes yipping and baying recently to celebrate a kill.

In any case, here's the story.

Several mornings over the past week, we have been visited by a Grey Wolf helping himself to apples - both low hanging fruit and those on the ground.

One of our dogs (we have three fairly large dogs), is also overly fond of apples and is rather protective of HIS crop; so he is inclined to chase all thieves away.

But other than protecting his apples, our dogs are extremely friendly - I'm sure they would be more inclined to try to make friends than do harm.

Now, we've only seen the one Wolf.

I have to believe there is a pack somewhere in the vicinity ... if so, that is an entirely different situation.

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