Wolf at Darlington Provincial Park

by Laura Brennan
(Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada)

The summer of 2009 my adult daughter & I were camping just 10 minutes from home, at Darlington Provincial Park. We had a site on the edge of the park which backed onto a farm, and were visited nightly by a wolf.

I was in the tent the first night and suddenly my daughter called me in a frightening tone, saying, "Mom, there's something out here and it is big!". She described it and at first I thought perhaps it was a Coyote, but lo and behold, I was able to shine the flashlight in time and was face to face with a Grey Wolf.

It was much larger than a Coyote, and grey in colour. We remained cautious but stayed by the fire, and it just seemed to want to come and watch us.

We camp every year, and I have for over 50 years and have to say I have never even seen, let alone be just feet away from a Wolf. I have often heard their calls, of course, but that was all.

We told the Park officials, but they said no one else has reported any such thing. I think they doubted our claims, but the next year (2010) there was an item in the Park paper warning people to be aware of Wolves in the area.

He returned and watched us on a nightly basis for the duration of our stay.

An interesting experience. I just wish I had had a camera.

Thank you, Laura, for your great Wolf Encounter story - how exciting that must have been !

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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