Witchbay Camp 2012

by Carla Lamoureux
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

My husband and I took a week off to go fishing at Witchbay Camp in Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada, this summer 2012.

We arrived around 12 am and could hear a fair size Wolf pack on the other side of the bay, howling up a storm.

The entire time we were at the camp, there was a lot of talk about how the Wolves were going hungry due to the shortage of deer in that area and that a few of the pack were spotted with an obvious case of mange - they seemed to be fairly close to the camp.

Near the middle of our week stay, we went for a ride heading into Kenora down the long camp road and found what we believe to be baby bear fur that had been torn up (laying on the road).

We could see large paw prints (Wolf) and quite a bit of blood, including hunks of bear fur that was left behind.

I've personally never heard of Wolves eating a baby bear, and couldn't believe it, even when we found the fur (which is unmistakable).

On our second trip to Witchbay camp, we only stayed for a weekend in the middle of September and there was more talk of this infamous pack of Wolves.

We heard that someone was hunting on the other side of the bay, where we had heard the wolf pack howling on our first visit in August.

No one was sure if the hunters were hunting Deer or Wolves - that remains a mystery (and there is an Indian reservation near by in Kenora, able to hunt out-of-season)

At 7am on a Sunday morning, the wolves began to howl in the area where my husband and I found the baby bear fur, down the camp road. When we went to leave around 8 pm that evening, we had the pleasure of seeing one of these wolves. He/she was alone and crossing the camp road into a marshy area. This large grey and white wolf was in fairly good shape, but looked thin.

I did not see any mange on this animal and he/she even turned to check us out, from the edge of the bushes.

Thank you for sending this info to us - I will also post this on our facebook page.

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No shortage of deer
by: MangeyCur

I live in Kenora, Ontario. There are NO shortage of deer here. AT ALL. Wolves are opportunistic hunters, meat is meat, and it is possible they may have taken advantage of a baby bear away from its mother. First Nations people are allowed to hunt out of season here, it is part of their culture. I doubt our wolves are starving due to lack of deer. All you have to do is drive through our city to see countless deer grazing through peoples' flower and vegetable gardens.

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