Windsor Opossum

by Peter De Wagner
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Possum on fence

Possum on fence

I let one of my three Shih Tzus out for a quick bathroom break before bed. Being's the weather has been a bit chilly at night - I left the patio door open with just the screen door closed.

After being outside for about 10 minutes my dog began to bark violently (which he never does). When I went to the Patio, there sitting atop of the fence, was an Opossum no more then 5 feet from me and the dog.

I took my leaf rake and gently probed him along. Once I got him to move he simply lowered himself to the first rug of the other side of the fence and I could hear him begin to scurry off.

How do I know if he was just a lone passer through or he has set up house somewhere in my yard or my house. There are no holes in and around my house and my garage door is seldom if ever open.

So I am thinking if he is my issue the only place he could find a way in is maybe the attic but there is a full blown Trailer Park in my backyard so I am going to assume he has taken up residence there and only visits my small garden when looking for a Midnight snack.

Do I need to take precaution and attempt to rid the neighborhood of this guy or live and let live.

I just don't want any one of my 3 small dogs having a confrontation with him.

Hi Peter, thanks for sending us your report of your Opossum sighting.

I don't think a Possum poses a danger to your dogs, they do snarl and show their teeth when threatened, but then they avoid confrontation by "playing possum" and pretending to be dead until the danger passes!

We have the occasional Possum which spends the winter under our concrete back steps, so my guess would be that he / she may find a sheltered spot in your yard where it can hide and survive the winter.

Hope you don't mind, I added a picture of a Possum on a fence!

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Friend or Foe
by: Joanne Zylstra

I have a beautiful Possum that lives underneath my deck. He comes up to eat the bird feed. He/She watches us through the window. I have two dogs and cats and they do not threaten either of them. They are kind of scary to look at but I’ve never had a problem even sitting on my back deck he/she just walked past. I want him to stay here because I do not like snakes and they do eat snakes. They do not harm your house like raccoons they don’t try to live in your attic or get into your house they just mind your own business outside.

I agree, here at we have a large Possum living under our front steps, he minds his own business and keeps himself to himself, and we don't mind him living here.

Possum seen
by: Shelley, South Walkerville, Windsor, ON

I let both my dogs out for a quick pee and one went crazy barking around the fence. I knew something was there and then noticed the possum on the fence. It scared the crap out of me and I wasn't sure if he would harm my pets. I quickly gathered the dogs and brought them inside. A few minutes later he was gone!!! Was very scary!

Possum in Alley, Walkerville, Windsor, Ontaio
by: Sue

Walking my dog around 10.15 -10.30 pm tonight 21/12/2016 and saw a small creature walking along the alley keeping close to a brick wall. Light, fine fur, quite long pointed face and pinkish fur-free tail. It finally managed to climb a fence and sat their watching as we went by. An unexpected beautiful treat on my evening walk. Googled the description and found this site.

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